Ubud in Bali Is the Dream Destination for Yoga Aficionados

Ubud in Bali Is the Dream Destination for Yoga Aficionados

Yoga is not just any ordinary exercise but it is an amalgamation of the body, mind and soul. Yoga’s philosophy is also rooted in peace and non-violence. It is all about calming the body and the mind. Hence, the best place to practise yoga would be in a quiet place, preferably surrounded by nature. Such a setting for yoga can definitely contribute to making it more effective. If you have dream of a place that is surrounded by greenery, alongside sea or pool where breezes waltzes in, as though caressing you, then there is one place you should at least visit once in your life time. That place is the picturesque Ubud in the beautiful island of Bali. No wonder then, this place has become the dream destination for yoga lovers. 

The place and the vibe

Ubud is a beautiful town in the island province of Bali in Indonesia.  It is also known as the cultural heart of Bali. Though it is a place that stands as a cultural icon of Indonesia, there is more to Ubud. It is a place that warmly welcomes anyone and everyone. With its warm hospitality, natural surroundings and serene environment, Ubud is a place that you will fall in love with at first sight. This does not mean, it is a primitive place. Ubud will amaze you with the variety it offers, from nature to food and from crafts to heritage. There are many great restaurants and cafes here and its many shopping centers selling local handicrafts, it is also a shopping paradise.  Some portions of the 2010 Hollywood movie Eat Pray Love was shot at Ubud and other places of Indonesia.

It is also one of the economic places to visit and stay as you will find accommodations that suit every budget. With several tourist attractions and the natural surroundings, Ubud is gaining more and more popularity as one of the best tourist spots in Indonesia.

Yoga Aficionados

Why yoga matters to Ubud 

When you visit Ubud, you will find that there are many centers there teaching yoga. In fact, if you call Ubud as an epicentre for yoga, it will not be an exaggeration. May be, why yoga became the center of this amazing place might be that it was always a wellness town, with the local body workers, the water temples and more.  You will find Hindu and Buddhist healing centers. Add to it, the many spas that offer an all-rounded service in wellness and healing. Be it massage, reiki or even Chinese traditional medicine, you will find them all at Ubud.

So, it is no surprise that in a place like Ubud where the calmness of nature joins hands with wellness practices, that yoga has flourished and how. You will find umpteen yoga treats which can offer you a life-changing experience that will warm your heart, refresh your mind and rejuvenate your body.  You can choose from the different yoga centers depending on the location and the price. You will not only find traditional yoga classes but also hybrid yoga such as the power yoga, yin class, aerial yoga, and so on. In brief, Ubud can train you in all forms and types of yogic practices.

Ubud is also a place that will amaze foodies. With some of the best restaurants offering all types of cuisines, from raw to vegan, there is no place better than Ubud to take your yoga mat, indulge in some gratifying and rejuvenating yoga and then heading to have some amazing food. Because of its ‘yoga-friendly’ food such as raw food, vegan and vegetarian food, Ubud is no wonder a yoga lover’s paradise.  Indulge in great yoga and then, just head to the nearby restaurant for a post-vinyasa meal or an after-savasana healthy dessert.

It is also easy to reach Ubud as there are many flight services available. Though there is no airport at Ubud, you can land at Denpasar which is near-by.  You can hire taxis from Denpasar to go to Ubud.

So, pack your yoga mat, and head to Ubud to experience yoga at its best. Stay in a lodge, hotel or choose a home stay, you will love being in the company of nature that will pacify your soul and refresh your spirit.