Choose the Right Yoga Hybrid for You

Choose the Right Yoga Hybrid for You

As the term suggests, yoga hybrid is a new yoga technique that is a fusion between traditional yoga poses and other exercise forms. Today, there are thousands of hybrid yoga, each instructor adding his or her, own creativity and ideas to yoga to form a new workout style. Thus, you will find yoga with acrobatics or yoga fused with weight training and so on. The names of these too are unique. The benefit of such combination exercises is that along with adding a fun element, these exercise forms also lend the benefits of different asanas or poses of yoga.

Choosing the right yoga depends on your goals

It is really difficult to pinpoint to one type and say this is effective or even great because each hybrid form of yoga comes from an instructor’s point of view. Of course, the kind of exercises that went on to create it will be suitable for some and not suitable for others. Yoga, as such, is something that can be practised by all. Since the poses begin from simple to hard, over time and with practice, you will be able to do even advanced forms. But this is about traditional yoga postures. As for hybrid yoga, you need to find which asanas of yoga has been incorporated into which forms of modern exercises.

To be able to find if a certain hybrid yoga form is right for you or not, it is necessary to find the features of the exercises and as to how it can help the body. For example, if you want to build muscles, you can try a yoga hybrid that combines say weight training with an asana. So, first identify your fitness goals and then check with the instructor or the yoga class and find which hybrid yoga form can be of help to take you to your goal.

A few yoga hybrid forms to choose from

One of the most popular hybrid yoga is aerial yoga which brings together acrobatic and gravity-defying yoga posture. This is ideal for those who want to strengthen their spine. Also known by different names such as flying yoga, air yoga, anti-gravity yoga and so on, it involves a suspension system, a hammock. It has several benefits in addition to enhancing spine strength, including pain relief, convenience in inversions and so on. In fact, with the hammock, it becomes easier to perform different yoga asanas.

Koga or yoga with kickboxing is an aim at bringing some energy into yoga exercises. It utilizes different movements along with both music and meditation. It is named after its found Jon Koga.

Choose the Right Yoga Hybrid for You

SUP or stand-up paddle boarding yoga is actually yoga in water. It makes use of a paddle board which serves as yoga mats that float over water. This is an effective hybrid yoga form as it helps to work out small muscles which are ignored during traditional exercises. This exercise is more suited to those who are surfers, as it would require balancing on the board.

Another popular hybrid yoga form is the Aqua Yoga or the underwater yoga. It is particularly beneficial for those with limited mobility. It is also popular with pregnant women.

If you are one of those who are unsure of taking up an hybrid form directly, then you sould try the Shake Your Chakra workshops which combines zen, spa and party. Now, you can’t tell how much yoga is in this form, but you can surely check it out and try it for yourself. After all, a spa day is never a waste.

There is also the Caponyasa, a combination of Vinyasa with the Brazilian martial art form Capoeira. The list goes on when it comes to the marriage of traditional yoga with other workout regimen.

Even if you are ready to choose a certain yoga form after understanding the benefits, it could also be better if you could take advice from your doctor or any expert on the same. Those who are on medication or suffering from any health problem may not be able to perform some exercises. Thus, it is necessary to learn from a certified trainer who can guide you in the right way. There is no need to be disappointed because from the hundreds of hybrid yoga forms, you will surely find some that fits with your lifestyle, health and fitness goals.