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I’ve been trying to shed a few pounds (OK, maybe slightly more than just a ‘few’) for a few years, and generally just Yoga Burn Guide Introduction Posetrying to improve my health. Running doesn’t really work for me as I tend to get achy knees and I end up having to stop before I can get very far. Gentle exercise and a proper diet are all well and good but the weight just didn’t seem to shift no matter what I do.

Light cardio and stretches did actually a little bit though with my general fitness but the scales never budged, in fact if I didn’t watch things carefully my weight would actually go up a little – even though I was exercising the rest of the time. When at work I use the stairs rather than take the lift and I always use the ladies on the floor above mine, if I need to go. Working at a desk all day, it’s often the only exercise I can squeeze in during the week.

Searching the internet, for diet and easy exercise tips (they always look easy until you try them) was a daily thing and I would often do this at work too in between tasks. I must have tried most of the so-called fad diets out there, with no success. Sometimes I would actually drop some weight, just for it to bounce back again a week later!

Why I Chose Yoga Burn for Women

Diet pills, swimming (attempted at least, I’ve never been a very strong swimmer and I swear I actually forgot how to once!), walking and going to the gym… Nothing seemed to work. The rowing machine in the gym was good but proved to be a little too much for me. Cycling helped with my stamina but again, the weight didn’t seem to want to leave me.

My doctor put me on something called Xenical, and I was taking that for a few months. I did start to lose weight very slowly, painfully slowly. In fact, in about 3 months I think my total weight loss was no more than 2lbs! Clearly, the Why I choose Yoga Burn for Womentablets were not working and to top it off they didn’t seem to ‘agree’ with me either.

Low carb diets have not been kind to me either; when I tried one I had a migraine that lasted for four days and probably would have continued if carried on with that diet. Fasting and detox diets were a waste of time too, at least for me at any rate, because they just made me feel sick with hunger and after the suggested period was over, I ended up weighing even more because the hunger and craving took over.

At this point, I had been at my current weight for roughly 8 years now, not including wild fluctuations, and it didn’t seem at all likely that this was going to change at all. Despite my best efforts, after trying everything that I could think of, my weight either stayed the same or snapped back to where it was like a rubber band. It can get pretty depressing, I don’t mind admitting, and I felt really down for a long time.

A friend of mine encouraged me to go back to the gym, and we did that for a while together. It really does help when you have somebody to go with but the old joint pain started to creep back in again. I didn’t really fancy the idea of taking painkillers; I figured, of my joints are hurting like this then it’s probably a sign that I shouldn’t be doing this. With that in the back of my head and my joints not getting any better, I had to all but quit the gym for the second time.

Finally, something that works

The sauna is still a firm favorite but I don’t ‘workout’ any more, it’s just too painful and while fat can be reduced (or so legends say), I’ve only got one pair of knees. I’ve been looking for alternatives to the gym, fad diets, and pills for some time!

Of course, all of this was before I discovered Yoga Burn for Women. I found the DVDs online when I was looking for alternatives to gym based exercises that I could do without hurting myself. The cost was surprisingly low and since it had received some great reviews, I decided to give it a try – I didn’t really have anything to lose at this stage, I had already tried just about everything else after all.

Finally something that works for your weight lossThe first thing that I want to say about Yoga Burn for Women is how happy I am that I even discovered yoga, never mind Yoga Burn for Women. Before I ordered, I talked to one of my friends about yoga to see what she thought as she had practiced yoga herself. Yoga Burn for Women is a little different but I was encouraged by her comments. That conversation helped make up my mind; I ordered a copy of it for myself around ten minutes later.

As I was told, the program is really easy to get into and it is a lot of fun. Some movements were a little tricky, I’m not as flexible as I could be, but with practice and determination I got there and I absolutely loved it. One of the big plus points of this program is that I don’t have to drive to the gym to take a class; I can do it at home with my own music on if I want.

The Yoga Burn program is the only thing that I have tried that I have been able to complete and actually delivers on its promises. Not only that, it is also the only psychical weight loss ‘regime’ that I returned to. Apart from daft diets that promise the world but only deliver hunger pains and disappointment, which I always used to fall for and go back to, I never retried a specific workout schedule.

That probably sounds flaky but after years of trying different things and constantly failing, it starts to get to you. Thank goodness for Yoga Burn for Women!

What lies Behind the Cover of Yoga Burn for Women?

When you purchase the Yoga Burn for Women, you receive a digital download containing everything that you need, and you will also have a hard copy shipped out to you. Everything is packed onto 3 DVDs. Each DVD represents a different stage in the program, with 5 videos on each to give a total of 15 follow-along videos.

What lies Behind the Cover of Yoga Burn for WomenYoga Burn for Women is designed to help people lose weight, get in shape and actually enjoy the activities. Yoga has been shown to be really beneficial for the mind as well as well the body, as my friend keeps telling me, and it is traditional Yoga movements that Yoga Burn is based on. There are some differences though.

Yoga Burn is aimed at those that wish to lose weight, and get in shape, that perhaps hasn’t found success elsewhere. Pregnant ladies and those who have just given birth can use the Yoga Burn method too. While it is challenging later in the program, it is a deceptively gentle form of exercise.

Yoga Burn for Women is all about promoting healthy weight loss without resorting to lifting weights, a special diet or taking supplements. After the (what I consider to be) nonsense that I have put myself through over the years this was music to my ears. I have never been particularly athletic, far from it, but I was more than assured that I would not need to be in order to get the very most from this program.

What I learned from Yoga Burn for Women

There are things now that I wish I had known and understood before starting Yoga Burn, things that would have made life so much easier. They are only little things too, but they make a big difference so I thought I should share them here so others can get off on the right foot and start dominating this Yoga Burn program from the outset.

Grab some props before you start

I had never done any kind of yoga before, let alone Yoga Burn, so I was completely unaware of the different things that I would need. In the start, I just assumed a rug and some floor space would do it. To be fair, a rug and some floor space can suffice in a pinch but you will save yourself a lot of hassle if you have some props.

Grab some props before you startYoga blocks, for instance can really help a lot with stability and aligning your body. You can also sit on one of these to help elevate your hips and straighten up your spine. Handy and easy to clean, they are thankfully easy on the pocket too.

A yoga bolster can be bought specially, and they are used to help ease pressure on the knees and to release the lower spine. To be honest, though, these are a little steep and you could possibly make do with a thick, but soft rolled up towel.

The trusty rug could possibly be replaced with something softer, so if you have a cushioned mat then that would be perfect. If you don’t have a nice soft mat to hand then the carpet will suffice, just be sure that it will provide you with enough traction so you don’t end up slipping and hurting yourself… Like I almost did when my rug slipped.

Commitment can be hard

Sounds obvious but doing something every day, especially if it is physical, and as I already knew from previous experience this was not going to be easy for me. Simply adopting a ‘stick at it’ attitude isn’t always going to be enough. Life has a habit of getting in the way and social plans, work, errands and kids don’t stop grabbing your attention just because you have a Yoga Burn programme to get on board with.

Knowing from the start that a certain amount of effort to find the time to set aside for your session will help enormously.  It will be really tempting to think ‘I’ll just skip today, I’m too busy. You have to combat that and before you know it, you won’t ever want to skip a day.

Know your limits

‘Listen to your body’ may be a little cheesy, but it’s true. I found many of the positions a little difficult to get into at first, but it comes with practice. A few times, I found myself attempting to get into a slightly tougher version of the position that I was in. Typical case of me trying to run before I could walk. Listen to what your body is saying to you and don’t push yourself too much. Perhaps more importantly, follow the instructions properly.

You will feel better before you know it

I didn’t see any results right away; it took a couple of weeks before I started to see improvements, but I really enjoy it. Sometimes I did feel a little stressed and pressured, trying to fit the ‘sessions’ in but once I did I felt great. For the first time, in a long time, I started looking forward to exercising each day. What’s more, because I was enjoying it (a lot more than I thought I would), I found myself wanting to improve in other areas too and this led me to eat much healthier!

You should definitely keep these points in mind, especially the last one if you are thinking of trying Yoga Burn for Women yourself. If you decide to try it out, I’m certain that you won’t regret it.


Yoga Burn for Women is slightly different from more traditional yoga, but it is delivered by a professional Yoga instructor – someone who knows exactly what Yoga can achieve for women. With the professional help on offer here you will avoid many of the mistakes that people can make when attending more conventional Yoga classes. This feels much more like a one-on-one programme with just you and Zoe Bray-Cotton – the yoga instructor in the videos.

Yoga Burn for WomenThe programme is a 12-week series that will teach you how to do the poses correctly and in the right order so that you get the very most out of the programme that you can. Ultimately, the aim is to challenge your body and achieve the results that you are aiming for without pushing your body too hard, too far or too soon.

After my experiences in the gym, being able to do something in the comfort of my own home, with a professional, is perfect and this approach is ideal for me and for lots of other women too, I’m sure. It really is an excellent way to take on weight and ‘bloating’, especially if you have tried other methods in the past like me and ended up feeling disappointed.

The Yoga Burn for Women method fights weight gain in a number of ways if you allow it the chance to (this means a balanced diet, too). Using a technique called dynamic sequencing; the Yoga Burn for Women programme teaches you a series of movements and poses to perform at home and helps you to perfect them so that you get the most from each move and position.

Once you have a routine and its positions down to an art form, the programme then changes things to keep you and your body on its toes. This happens so that your body doesn’t get too used to the routine and simply starts to go through the motions. If your body does end up in this situation then it isn’t getting any benefit from the programme at all and what is the point of that? No, the dynamic sequencing is a brilliant way to keep you and your body challenged but at a comfortable pace that is not overwhelming.

Your body will continually change, adapt and improve with this Yoga Burn for Women routine and before long you will be wondering why you didn’t grab a copy sooner. With 15 different videos set out over 3 set stages, the programme will keep your body guessing and forcing it to adapt (it’s a good thing) and this will boost your weight loss goals even further.

One of the great things about the Yoga Burn for Women workout program is that there are zero negative side effects associated with it. Everything progresses at a natural pace, when you are ready, and because it uses established Yoga movements there are no extra strains and stresses placed on the body. This as an important factor in my own decision making process and I’m sure it will factor into yours too.

Yoga Burn Guide complete package

Another major benefit of this method is that you don’t need to book any classes, drive to the gym, pack yourself into a crowded room and try to follow a routine that you can’t pause or rewind because you didn’t quite catch something.  Following this programme at home is much easier and because you also get a digital download, you can do it anywhere you can take a laptop!

Despite being able to glean all the benefits and advantages of advanced yoga maneuvers and techniques, the Yoga Burn for Women makes it surprisingly easy. All of the techniques are brilliantly demonstrated by female body transformation expert, Zoey Bray-Cotton, and in a way that is simple to understand. Being easy to follow is a great benefit and the techniques can show results in even the most experienced Yoga practitioner.

Yoga Burn for Women is an excellent way for people of all abilities to achieve the body weight that they will be happy living in and all without fad diets, pills or dragging themselves to a gym. No exercise program works unless you are enjoying it and I love this one!

When will you see or feel results?

If like me you are wondering just how long these things take, you may be in for a pleasant surprise. Of course, when it comes to physical results it very much depends on the individual. You will probably start to feel increased flexibility after just the first session, I know I did and my friend says it is quite common with yoga. Weight loss will take a little longer, naturally, but I felt fantastic after just one session.

Mentally speaking, I felt amazing and the feeling of satisfaction is hard to adequately describe. That is half of the battle though, because if what you are doing makes you feel good then you are much more likely to stick with it and see it through to the end. In turn, this means that you see better results and you are more likely to carry on even after the last video has finished.

Once you do start seeing results, you should continue with the programme and when the programme is actually finished you do need to carry on. That said, you don’t have to keep at Yoga Burn for Women, but some kind of regular exercise will be needed for the weight to stay off. Personally speaking, I carried on with the Yoga because I have come to love it – maybe you will too? In fact, I’m sure you will.

How often should you practice Yoga?

Sometimes we don’t always get the time we need to do the things that we would like to do. When it comes to Yoga Burn for Women, assuming your goal is to lose weight, then you should be aiming for at least 3 sessions a week. Of course, the more you do the faster the results will be but it is important to never overdo anything and Yoga is certainly no exception.

I practice 4 times a week now but that’s just me. 30 minutes in the evening during the week and in the early afternoon on the weekend. I can’t always do the same days, there’s that life thing interrupting again, but that’s okay because of it all counts. If you can’t manage a certain day, just do it another day – it’s all good, just so long as you do it.

The actual time of day doesn’t matter I don’t think, but I always do it after a light bite for an energy boost.

Pros and Cons of Yoga Burn for Women

There are lots of benefits to Yoga Burn for women, but I’ve managed to limit them to just 10 here to make for easier reading.

Pros and Cons of Yoga Burn Guide

Of course, there is also the reverse side of the coin to loom at – the cons of Yoga Burn for Women, and we will take a look at those too.


  • Increased flexibility, strength and agility
  • Yoga in general helps to improve cognitive reasoning and memory
  • Normalized body weight and weight loss
  • Countless studies have shown that Yoga reduces pain, naturally
  • Your respiratory system increases in efficiency
  • Blood pressure is helped to return to ‘normal’ levels
  • Increased mental health
  • Numerous ways in which Yoga helps prevent degenerative disease through reduction of certain hormones and compounds
  • Yoga greatly reduces stress
  • You can do Yoga just about anywhere


  • The time it takes to complete the programme is 12 weeks. That’s a chunk of change for anybody but it is well worth the investment.

As you can see, apart from weight loss there are a great many other benefits. Yoga is good for both mind and body, helping to keep both of them fit and healthy. After just the first 30 minute session, you will start to feel much better about yourself and you may even want to start performing the sessions every single day. In fact, for maximum results, that is the recommended commitment for the Yoga Burn for Women programme.

Yoga Burn is not just for women either, men can get a lot from this programme too and are actively encouraged to try it out. It is a great way to lose weight, limber up and improve health whether you are a man or a woman.

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Yoga Burn for Women certainly does do everything that it claims to, and I have no problem recommending it to everyone. There is an obvious learning curve but the lovely Zoey takes you through it progressively so you are never trying anything too advanced until you are actually ready for it. While it is easy to get to grips with, it is incredibly beneficial for you in both body and mind; there is one question that hasn’t quite been answered: will Yoga Burn for Women (or men) help me lose weight?

The answer is a resounding yes. You will lose weight using Yoga Burn, there is no question about that, but how much you lose depends on you. Eating better is a no-brainer and I made that change almost (!) right away. I didn’t do anything major, diets don’t work, I just made small changes like cutting back on processed foods and making smaller portions. I also found that eating more protein helped.

But yes, Yoga Burn will help you lose weight (I had lost 6 pounds in just the first two weeks!) and in a way that is healthy for you (not all methods are, let’s be honest) and is fun! I love doing Yoga now and my only regret is that I didn’t start this programme sooner.